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HALAL Certification in Hong Kong

Halal Certification

What is Halal Certification?

Halal is an Arabic word, used to describe the food products which are prepared by using Islamic law requirements. Halal food is popular among Muslim customers. So the Halal certification enhances marketability in the Muslim market and promotes your organization’s reputation. It increases your brand image and helps you achieve new customers and clients. Also, Halal certification increases the profitability of your business. IAS provides Halal certification in Hong Kong for all types of food handlers in the supply chain from food manufacturers to food retailers.

Halal Certification Hong Kong

Halal Certification by IAS

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is an internationally recognized Halal certification body in Hong Kong. It is famous for its management system certification such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 47001 and so on. IAS offers various product certifications such as Green, CE marking, Kosher, Gost-R and so on. It also offers Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor training courses on various ISO standards.

We have IRCA certified auditors who have years of experience in auditing and issuing the Halal Certification. Our auditors will provide necessary guidance as per the local market for you to achieve the Halal certification.   

Benefits of Halal Certification

  • Establishes Halal foods
  • Ensures the food is prepared in compliance with Islamic law requirements
  • Develops customer satisfaction
  • Increases profit
  • Promotes the brand image
  • Enhances customer confidence
  • Ensures food safety

IAS Product Certification Procedure

IAS offers easy yet effective ways to obtain Halal certification for your products.

  • Firstly, complete the IAS Product certification application form and send it to us.
  • Our auditors carry out the evaluation procedure on all requirements, related to your applied product.
  • Auditors determine the specified or applicable requirements of the product.
  • Evaluation of the product based on specified requirements
  • Comparison of technical documentation given by the manufacturer and audit results 
  • IAS issues certification for your product if the requirements are satisfied
  • If not, our auditors will guide you with implementation techniques.  
Kindly contact us to know more about the halal certification in Hong Kong and the auditing process.
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