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CE Marking Certification is a European conformity certification that is essential for the products to enter into the European Market. CE Marking Certification ensures the products are healthy, safety and environmental standards and can be sold in the European market. The quality in the European standards inspires the customers from worldwide to prefer CE Marking Certification products. CE marking certainly ensures the product meets the European Legislation requirements.

In French, the term CE means ‘Conformite Europene’ and it’s phrased in English as ‘European Conformity’. CE Marking certification determines the products’ quality, durability and safety and also whether they’re good for consumer use.

CE Marking Certification

CE Marking Product Certification defines the manufacturer’s promise that the products come under EU directives and are safe to handle. So, it is an identity to make the product popular in the European economic area.

IAS provides a very simple yet efficient CE certification process to help your organization achieve CE certification in a timely manner!

CE Marking Certification By IAS

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is an internationally recognized CE Marking certification body in Hong Kong. It is famous for its management system certification such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 47001 and so on. IAS offers various product certifications such as Green, CE marking, Kosher, Gost-R and so on. It also offers Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor training courses on various ISO standards.

The CE Marking on your product consequently improves the sales and productivity of your business. It provides confidence to the customers as well as an assurance about the product quality.
We offer CE Marking Certification in Hong Kong for your products as well as for packaging by carefully auditing them based on the appropriate EU regulations such as low-voltage, electromagnetic compatibility, Medical device directives, etc.

Necessary CE Certification Products

CE Marking on the products is the evidence to confirm that the products are safe, defectless, and best in quality. Also, it tells that the product is made by following the EU directives. Some of the mandatory products that need CE Certification are,

IAS is a professional CE Certification company and we do provide certification for any type of product. The following list includes the products that we usually certify,

Medical devices, Pharmaceutical equipment, Safety products, Security systems, Electronic components, Analytical instruments, Vehicles Home appliances, Pumps and valves Solar panels, Furniture and fittings, Household appliances, Sport & leisure equipment, Food and drink, machinery, Toys, Communication equipment, Lighting, Telecommunications equipment, Gas appliances, Personal protective equipment, Electrical equipment, Radio, and telecom terminal equipment, Pressure equipment

Benefits Of CE Certification

The CE Marking on your products,

  • Ensures the safety and quality
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Improves sales in the local market as well as globally
  • Reduce liability claims, timescale, and costs
  • Also, guarantees the product complies with EU directives

IAS CE Certification Procedure

IAS offers easy yet effective ways to obtain CE Certification for your products.

  • Firstly, complete the IAS Product certification application form and send it to us.
  • Our auditors carry out the evaluation procedure on all requirements, related to your applied product.
  • Auditors determine the specified or applicable requirements of the product.
  • Evaluation of the product based on specified requirements
  • Comparison of technical documentation given by the manufacturer and audit results
  •  IAS issues certification for your product if the requirements are satisfied.
  • If not, our auditors will guide you with implementation techniques

Once you successfully achieve CE certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our CE certification search Page!

Cost of CE Certification

IF the CE Certification is needed for a large number of products, we do provide discounts as per volume. Also, if you would like to make payment in installments during the certification period, we don’t charge any fee for those payments.

The cost includes the one-time certification fee and yearly maintenance fees which are charged per product.

Contact IAS today to learn more about CE Certification and CE certification Audit Procedure, or visit our CE Certification frequently asked questions page

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