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About ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is a well-known international standard that takes a high-level approach to improve an organization’s Environmental Management System (EMS) and effectively reduce its consequences. ISO 14001:2015 corresponds with ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems). As a result, obtaining ISO 14001 certification might assist you in integrating your other management systems in order to efficiently carry out operations. ISO 14001:2015 is the latest version of this popular environmental standard.

ISO 14001 Certification

Which Organizations Can Apply for ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 certification can assist any industry, regardless of its size or the services it provides, that wishes to improve its environmental performance and management systems. The industries listed below are just a few of the many that benefit from ISO 14001 certificate:

  • Construction Industries
  • Oil and Natural Gas Industries
  • Food and Drug Manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Mining Industries

Importance of ISO 14001 

Obtaining ISO 14001 certification enables a firm to effectively evaluate, monitor, measure, and mitigate negative environmental consequences. ISO 14001 certificate enables firms to comply with applicable laws, rules, and other environmental obligations while also improving their management systems’ accountability. Furthermore, ISO 14001 Certification encourages enterprises to effectively achieve their goals, environmental policies, and objectives in order to expand their businesses.

Preparing for ISO 14001 Certification

Preparing your organization for ISO 14001 includes an internal study that identifies the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for improvement. Furthermore, the corporation can use this information to prepare for future improvements in internal procedures and policies related to environmental concerns. After completing this process, the business will have an organized, strategic plan that will allow it to successfully implement its environmental policies and actions.

ISO 14001 Certificate Process

An organization must build an effective Environmental Management System in order to achieve ISO 14001 Certificate. The company must then demonstrate how to apply this system to its operations by demonstrating how to meet the standard’s requirements. The company must also ensure that its program is in good operating order to achieve ISO 14001 certification. To verify these processes, the organization must have proper documentation in place so that any person can easily obtain a copy of the documentation that indicates the ISO 14001 environmental management system is in place and working properly.

An internal audit is the following phase, which determines whether all ISO 14001 certificate requirements have been met. This can be done with the help of an internal or external auditor.

After all documentation is in place, a firm can contact an ISO certification body such as IAS to conduct external audits of the current EMS. The organization will receive ISO 14001 certificate if all requirements are met and any non-conformities are resolved.

The validity period of ISO 14001 certification typically lasts for three years. Surveillance audits will be conducted by the certification body once every 12 months throughout the validity period of ISO 14001 . This is to ensure the organization continues to meet the requirements for ISO 14001 certificate. An organization can renew its ISO 14001 certificate by applying for a Recertification audit which will be conducted by the certification body.

Advantages of ISO 14001
  • The ISO 14001 standard works together with other ISO standards, such as ISO 9001 and 45001 to produce a system that is both efficient and sustainable for businesses, customers, and the environment.
  • Consumers will have more faith in your firm if they see that it is adopting best practices in environmental management.
  • Following ISO 14001 reduces the danger of legal penalties, fines, and lawsuits.
  • Financially, ISO 14001 certification can increase your company’s credibility and help you gain new customers.
  • ISO 14001 certificate makes it easier to secure contracts over competitors in the long term.
  • ISO 14001 certificate helps reassure company leaders, employees, and external stakeholders that the organization’s environmental impact is being measured and remedied.

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