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About Gost-R Certification

Gost-R Certification is mandatory for the products which are manufactured by Russian companies, imported by Russia and also needed to export in Russia. This Gost-R certification is an identity for the product which is made with the Russian standards, quality, and safety. In other words, it is like a trademark to export your products in Russia.

Gost-R Certification

GOST-R Certification makes sure your product passes the clearance test while exporting to Russia. It also allows the product enters the Russian market. Gost-R Certification ensures the product is safe and environmental friendly that helps impress customers and increases trust about the products.

GOST-R Certification conforms that the product comes under Russian health and safety standards and can be sold in the Russian local market. Also, this certification minimizes risk and develops your organization’s image and reputation.

GOST-R Certification by IAS

IAS is the most-preferred certification body across Asian countries. It is famous for issuing international standard product certifications such as CE Marking, Kosher, Green, Gost-R, Halal, Rohs and more. IAS also offers Management System certification for various ISO standards.

IAS also provides Lead Auditor and Internal Auditor training for professionals and graduates on various ISO standards. It issues Green Certification in many countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Philippines, Kuwait countries, with more than 6000 clients.

IAS delivers a simple yet effective auditing procedure to attain the Gost-R certification easier and faster. This internationally recognized certification body certainly ensures Gost-R certification services with well-experienced auditors.

Benefits of Gost-R Certification

  • Ensures the safety and health of consumers
  • Provides permission to enter into Russian Market
  • Reduces risks as well as wastages
  • Increases the profit and productivity of your organization
  • Best for money-saving and time-saving procedure
  • Helps you explore new business opportunities

IAS Product Certification Procedure

IAS offers easy ways to obtain product certification for your products.

  • Complete the IAS Product certification application form and send it to us.
  • Our auditors carry out the evaluation procedure on all requirements, related to your applied product.
  • Auditors determine the specified or applicable requirements of the product.
  • Evaluation of the product based on specified requirements
  • Comparison of technical documentation given by the manufacturer and audit results
  • Our auditors will guide you with implementation techniques.
  • IAS issues certification for your product.

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