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CE Marking Certification in Vietnam

Product Certification

CE Marking Certification

European Conformity Certification

CE Marking is a necessary trademark for the products to be sold in the European Economic Area (EEA). It symbolizes that the product complies with EU health, safety, and environmental directives. Further, the CE Marking ensures free marketability in the European business market.

CE Certification Vietnam

CE Marking Certification is the European Conformity Certification that establishes the product’s quality and as well as its safety standards. This certification certainly guarantees the performance of electronic and electrical equipment. Also, it ensures the product is defect-less and safe for human consumption. 

The term CE refers to “Conformite Europene” which means “European Conformity”. The CE Marking is mandatory for various product categories such as:

  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Machinery
  • Pressure equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Radio and telecom terminal equipment
  • Gas appliances
  • Toys

Is it necessary to obtain CE Marking Product Certification?

CE Marking Certification demonstrates the European legislation requirements of the product and its packaging. In other words, this certification is a declaration of the manufacturer or suppliers that the product is made as per the EU safety requirements.

As it is a globally recognized certification, it consequently improves sales and as well as the profit of the business. Also, the CE marking Certification satisfies customer expectations and enhances the credibility of the product.

What are the benefits of achieving CE Marking Certification?

The CE Marking Certification ensures the following benefits to the organizations, suppliers, and manufacturers.

  • Demonstrates the EU safety, quality, and environmental requirements
  • Ensures the product is safe and defect-less
  • Guarantees the free marketability in the European Economic Area
  • Time and as well as the cost-saving procedure
  • Satisfies the customers’ expectations
  • Improves the sales of the business
  • Also, promotes the reputation of the organization

How to get CE Marking Certification?

IAS (Integrated Assessment Services) is the top searching certification body in Asia. We offer CE Marking Certification in various Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait. We also have our representatives in Vietnam to guide the organization/supplier/manufacturer throughout the auditing procedure and certification process.

IAS Certification procedure

Step 1: Fill the IAS CE Marking Certification form and send it to us

Step 2: Analyzing the all applicable directives

Step 3: Identifying the appropriate requirements of the applied product

Step 4: Audit on the product with the real-time auditors

Step 5: Verification of technical documentation

Step 6: Clarification of non-conformities (if any)

Step 7: Issue of CE Marking Certification

Other services of IAS

IAS provides management system certifications on numerous ISO standards. We are also a leading training platform for the lead auditor, internal auditor and awareness and foundation training courses.

Looking to obtain global recognition for your product or organization? Then IAS (the famous certification body) is an excellent choice for it. Contact us for detailed information and for free discussion.