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ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course in Thailand

Quality Management System (QMS)
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ISO 9001:2015 (QMS) Lead Auditor Training

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course

The ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training course guides delegates with the required knowledge and skills to conduct a proficient third-party audit of the Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001. This course follows the auditing guidelines as per ISO 19011. 

ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Thailand

What will you gain from this ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course?

On the successful completion of the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor course, the delegates can able to plan, manage and perform an effective first, second and third-party audit of QMS. This training course also helps the delegates to

  • Understand the principles and requirements of QMS
  • Understand the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and its clauses
  • Access the latest methods and techniques of lead auditor
  • Lead the management system auditor
  • Offer ISO 9001:2015 Awareness and foundation training
  • Understand the roles as well as the responsibilities of QMS Auditor
  • Get registered in CQI-IRCA registry


ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course is accredited by CQI-IRCA (Chartered Quality Institute and The International Register of Certificated Auditors). That is to say, it certainly assists the delegates to become a competent Lead Auditor.

This ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Course helps the management system professionals to get promoted to the next level in their firm. But, this course is a must for, 

  • QMS internal auditors
  • QMS Managers
  • Representatives and consultants of top management
  • Also, for professionals or graduates who wish to obtain the knowledge of ISO 9001 standard

 How It Satisfies the Candidates’ Expectations?

The IRCA approved ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training Course includes,
  • Introduction to ISO 9001
  • Overview of ISO 9001:2015 requirements
  • Quality Management principles
  • ISO 9001:2015 clauses as well as their definitions
  • Roles and responsibilities of Lead Auditor
  • Audit definitions and also its types
  • Auditing guidelines based on ISO 19011
  • Methods and techniques for audit plan and preparation,
  • Procedures for QMS audit follow-ups and also for corrective actions

 The Required Prior Knowledge

The candidates should obtain certain knowledge and skills to participate in the ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training program. These pre-requisites make the training more fruitful.

  • ISO 9001:2015 standard and its clauses and requirements
  • Importance as well as the responsibilities of a Quality Management System
  • Basic concepts of QMS principles
  • Also, the delegates should know to communicate in English

 IAS – The Leading Training Platform for ISO Standards

Integrated Assessment Services (IAS) is the top-searching training platform in many countries such as Thailand, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait and so on. We offer Lead auditor training course on ISO 9001 and also on various management system standards.

IAS is also famous for Internal Auditor training Courses on several ISO standards. We offer online internal auditor training associated with our sister concern Empowering Assurance System (EAS).

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About training program

IAS offers ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training course for 5 days (40 hours) as classroom training for the individuals who are interested to obtain the knowledge of ISO 9001:2015 and its requirements. We also provide In-House training programs.

Our real-time auditors who are experienced with practical knowledge will lead the training and assist you to become an IRCA approved ISO 9001 Lead Auditor.

The training program also includes group discussion, presentations, mock audits, exercise, assessments, and final examination. 

Course Certification

IAS conducts a written examination on the fifth day of the training program. The ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certificate will be issued for the delegates based on continuous assessments during the course and the final results of the examination.

We provide ISO 9001 Lead Auditor training course at a highly discounted price. The payment also made easy. You can pay the fee either through a bank account or through online methods.