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Internal Auditor Training in ISO 17025

IAS is a leading training platform that offers ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditors Training for anyone who is interested to become a Certified ISO 17025 :2017 Internal Auditor. It provides internal auditor ISO 17025 training courses and also on various ISO standards incorporated with its sister concern EAS (Empowering Assurance System).

The tutors of IAS are highly experienced, real-time Lead Auditors who train the delegates through practical examples for better understanding. IAS certainly makes the delegates conduct a flawless Internal Audit at their organization. So, this ISO Internal Auditor 17025 Training is a great platform for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about ISO 17025 and as well as its clauses.

ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditor Training provides the necessary knowledge and skills to perform an effective ISO 17025:2017 Internal Audit and also to improve the Quality Management System of laboratories. The requirements and concepts of ISO 17025 can be applied to lots of laboratory activities such as analytical, clinical, forensic, destructive, or non-destructive testing and instrument or equipment calibration. Moreover, ISO 17025 Internal Auditor Training plays a prominent role in implementing and maintaining the quality and performance of Laboratories.

Course Content

ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditor course includes the introduction to ISO 17025 standard and principles of the laboratory QMS. This course also contains an overview of the basic process and resource requirements. It lets you understand the definition of audit and its types, guidelines for auditing, audit techniques, and methodologies. In addition, it also explains how to plan and prepare for QMS documentation, how to prepare non-conformities reports, corrective actions, and follow-up activities, and the roles and responsibilities of the Internal Auditor.

This Internal Auditor training in ISO 17025 provides exercises and assessments for a clear understanding of the ISO 17025 Standard and QMS principles.

Benefits of Internal Auditor Training in ISO 17025

The delegates who got certified as ISO 17205:2017 Internal Auditors can able to,

  • Help carry out more efficient and accurate testing and calibration processes in laboratories
  • Support laboratory testing, functions, as well as its operations
  • Gain knowledge about the skills and requirements needed to improve the performance of the laboratories
  • Increase the trust and confidence of their stakeholders
  • Involve in the preparation of external audits
Who Should Attend?
  • Quality managers of laboratories
  • Representatives or consultants in Laboratories’ QMS
  • Laboratory staff or technicians who are interested in the requirements of ISO 17025
  • Also, any professionals involved in laboratory support functions, testing, and operations
Pre – Requisites to Undertake in ISO 17025

The delegates who want to take ISO 17025 Internal Auditor training should have a basic knowledge of Quality Management principles and concepts. They should also possess the knowledge of ISO 17025:2017 standard requirements. It will be more helpful if the delegates obtain knowledge of risk assessment principles and analysis.

Training Formats

IAS conducts this Internal Auditor in ISO 17025 online Training as well as on-site (classroom-type) training format and as Virtual Online Training.

Classroom Session
  • 2 days of training
  • Conducted for 16 hours
  • Lecture type training by registered lead Auditor faculty
  • Written examination at the end of the training program
  • ISO 17025:2017 Internal Auditor Certificate will be issued to the delegates who attend the two days training program completely and pass the written examination.
  • Payment can be done through a bank account as well as through online payment methods
ISO 17025 Online Training version
  • Self-study method
  • Candidates can access the registered training course around 30 days from the day of payment
  • Highly simplified content with practical examples
  • Several examples to address each clause
  • Also, includes downloadable course materials and standards
  • The delegates can take the online examination within these 30 days
  • IAS releases a soft copy of the certificate on the successful completion of the course

Advantages of ISO 17025 Online training vs. classroom training

  • EED, management support, and investments in travel expenses will be reduced
  • The hourly course fee is low as compared to the cost of the classroom sessions.
  • Schedule flexibility for online delegates who are working executives or professionals

IAS organizes this Internal Auditor ISO 17025 Online Training is for 30 days, and Internal Auditor Certificate will be issued to the delegates who successfully complete the examination.

All Materials and standard copies, exercises, copies are stored in ISO 17025 Online Training. Contact us @ +6531591803 to clarify your doubts, In-house Auditor training in ISO 17025 at

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