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FDA Certification in Thailand

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a well-known federal agency that plays a main role in protecting and promoting public health. FDA Certification is a must for the manufacturers of food, drug, or medical devices in the USA. It is a fundamental requirement for domestic and foreign establishments to market their products in the United States. Establishments that manufacture cosmetics do not need FDA registration mandatorily. But they can participate in the VCRP (Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program) of the FDA.

FDA Certification

How to Get an FDA Registration Number?

FDA registration number is one of the primary requirements for the manufacturers to sell their products in the USA. Although FDA certification is a must for drugs and medical devices, the FDA registration number is not mandatory. It is a unique registration number that describes that the establishment is registered with the US FDA. It does not prove that the establishment or product got approval by the FDA. This number is for the manufacturers not for the specific products. So, you can’t label the FDA registration number on your products.

FDA does not issue the FDA registration certificate. IAS will help you get the FDA registration for your company. The registration certificate we issue establishes that:

  • The registration process is successfully completed
  • Your company registration with FDA
  • Also, your registration number is valid

US-FDA Certification in Thailand

Integrated Assessment Services helps organizations to prepare, document, and register US-FDA. We support the manufacturers to get FDA registration and a valid registration number. IAS will guide you through the entire process of US-FDA registration, including preparing your application, supporting documents, and onsite inspection.

IAS is the best among the organization to provide effective services at a competitive and reasonable price for FDA Certification in Thailand. Become one of the registered facilities of the FDA with the help of IAS. For more details, contact us!

Who Can Apply for FDA Certification in Thailand

Food facilities, manufacturing companies of drugs, dietary supplements, and medical devices, cosmetic manufacturers can get FDA registration. The manufacturers who want to market their products such as medical devices and drugs in the USA should register with the FDA. But the FDA certification is not a compulsory requirement to sell cosmetics products in the USA.

Registration is an important requirement to market your products in the USA. FDA Certification is not for food products. But, it is required for food manufacturing companies. In addition, FDA approval is mandatory for new drug and dietary supplement products. To approve a product, FDA evaluates:

  • Mandatory documents, Test results, Clinical studies as well as Protocol
  • Also, it includes site inspection and necessary process
How To Apply for FDA Certification in Thailand

The application process for US-FDA certification is a rigorous and time-consuming process. The food facility should have extensive knowledge of the FDA requirements and regulations to pass the inspection. IAS has experienced professionals who will help you with the entire process, including documentation, registering, and inspections. We support you through every step of the process. For more details contact us!

Who Issues The FDA Registration Number?

The manufacturer submits the application to FDA. Then the FDA evaluates the application and upon approval assigns a unique registration number to your company. Lastly, you can use this number on your products or any related documents for marketing purposes. It is not compulsory that you must have this number on your product. The manufacturers are not allowed to print the FDA registration number on the product labeling.

The FDA registration number is a unique identifier that proves that your company has been registered with the US FDA. It is not an indication that your products have been approved by the FDA. In order to obtain an FDA registration number, you must complete the registration process with the FDA, which includes preparing and submitting an application and undergoing an inspection. IAS can help you through this process and will provide you with a valid registration number once your company is registered. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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