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What is BRC Certification?

BRC certification is a globally recognized food safety certification that demonstrates compliance with international food safety standards. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) developed the certification program to ensure food safety and quality assurance throughout the supply chain. BRC certification is widely recognized by retailers and food-service providers around the world, making it a valuable asset for companies in the food industry.

BRC Certification

Why Get BRC Certified in Thailand?

Thailand is a key market for food and beverage companies looking to expand into Southeast Asia. The country's growing economy and population present opportunities for companies looking to grow their business. In order to capitalize on these opportunities, it is important for companies to demonstrate compliance with international food safety standards. BRC certification is the perfect way to do this, as it is widely recognized by retailers and food-service providers in Thailand.

How Getting BRC Certification in Thailand is Beneficial?

There are many benefits of BRC certification. Some of these benefits include:

  • Ensures improved food safety and quality
  • Assurance that food meets all legal requirements
  • Enables businesses to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and quality
  • Facilitates trade with other countries as they often require BRC certification as a condition of sale
  • Can help to improve business efficiency and productivity
  • Lowers the risk of product recalls.

Which Organizations Can Apply?

BRC certification is open to any organization that processes manufacture or distributes food. This includes:

  • Food processors, manufacturers, and distributors
  • Retailers and wholesalers of food
  • Caterers and hotels that prepare and serve food.

Audit Procedure of BRC Certification in Thailand through IAS

  • The first step is to submit an application to IAS. Once we receive your application, one of our staff will contact you to discuss your certification needs and how we can help you meet them.
  • During the application process, we will collect information about your organization, including your business activities, products, and services. This information will help us determine whether the certification standard is right for your organization and whether you meet the requirements for certification.
  • After your application has been reviewed, we will schedule an on-site audit of your facility. This audit will be conducted by a team of experienced auditors who will evaluate your organization's compliance with the relevant BRC standard.
  • Any non-conformities found during the audit should be corrected in order to proceed with the further certification process
  • After all the necessary criteria have been met, you will be granted the BRC Certificate

Get BRC Certified in Thailand Through IAS

Look no further than IAS if you wish to get your BRC certification in Thailand. We are a globally recognized audit firm with over 15 years of extensive experience in BRC certification. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to guarantee that your business meets all of the BRC criteria and gets a BRC certificate. In addition, we provide various management system certifications and product certifications as per the needs of the businesses.

Please contact us for more information about the BRC certification in Thailand and auditing procedures that are unique to your organization!

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