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About Product Certifications

The product certification procedure is a useful approach for determining whether a given product meets safety, quality, and other product characteristics regulations and standards.

Manufacturers of a variety of products, components, and accessories seeking access to major markets around the world must obtain pre-market approval and certification. Manufacturers also decide to have their goods tested for compliance with the technical requirements of voluntary standards in order to satisfy mandatory certification standards. Companies may distinguish their products from those of rivals by submitting them for repeat voluntary testing and certification, which further demonstrates their dedication to offering quality items that are safe to use.

Certification ensures suppliers, businesses, authorities, and customers that a product's production process has been evaluated by an independent body and that it meets certain safety, quality, environmental standards, or performance criteria.

The application sent consisting:

  • The following are the basic requirements: Product manufactured, product specifications as per the standard, the process of product manufactured, quality compliances, packing requirement if applicable, labeling requirement, product manual, raw materials (GMP), and its control. Design control if applicable Hygienic concerns if applicable, Good Manufacturing Practices, etc.,
  • Company registration, Product/service-related requirements in the nation where the company is incorporated

After the application has been submitted by the business, our technical staff analyzes the data to prepare for the product evaluation, which is outlined in the standard.

Specification Review/Product File

Our Techno commercial staff will contact you to guide the certification procedure and assist you in finding the appropriate standards for your business by providing you with a list of Questers who can give you a quotation for certification.

After a contract/agreement has been signed, the technical team chooses and approves the Auditor/Technical Expert who will examine the specifics ahead of time to give the audit in an effective manner.

Compliance Audit

The auditors evaluate the conformity of the product/service being audited to the appropriate standard.

Non-Conformance And Closure

Gaps in the effectiveness of implementation methods used for product /service acceptance that is verified against the specific product/process standard are identified as Non-conformity. Any non-conformity is given a 60-day period to correct any issues. Non-conformities will be closed once the evidence and test findings have been evaluated.

Release Of Certificate

The IAS issues a certificate once the evaluation of closure evidence is completed. The client can utilize the logo on the product in accordance with logo regulations after receipt of the certificate.