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ISO Audit Procedure

The process of obtaining the System certification involves four Critical Phases

  • Offer & Contract Phase
  • Audit preparation stage
  • Performance of Audit
  • Issuance of certificate

Offer And Contract Phase

The application sent consisting of the

  • Basic requirements such as Product/service rendered, Product/service specifications and ranges, Process of Product/service manufactured/rendered, Country of Product/service rendered, Address of the registration, No of Units and its addresses, Shift timings, no of employees at each department
  • Legal requirements such as Company registration, Product/service-related compliances in the country rendered

Upon receipt of the completed application from the organization our Techno commercial team contacts you on guiding the process of certification and helps you out in finding the right standards applicable to your organization by forwarding you the Questioners for obtaining a quotation for certification.

Upon approval of Quotation / Contract our technical team analyses the data for the proceeding to plan on the selection of auditor to the audit of stage 1 and stage 2.

Audit Preparation Stage      

The auditor team deputed till the stage 2 audit. The team may comprise of Team leader or Team Leader, Auditors, and technical experts as per 17021. The methods of the audit are strictly adhered to as per the ISO 19011 which is a basic mandatory requirement by our accreditation.

Our auditors are given the details of your organization to access the details prior to the audit to render the audit professionally.

During the preparation of the audit, the organization being audited is obliged to provide any changes in the organizational structure or changes in the procedure to the certification body.

Conducting Audits

The audit is conducted in two stages such as Stage 1 and Stage 2 for the initial certification audit.

Stage 1 Audit

The auditors review the documentation prepared by the organization for its effectiveness to determine the readiness of the Management system that is being audited

It may involve auditing of

  • To review your organizations, documentation, evaluate your sites and specific conditions to ensure your preparation for Stage 2
  • Your overall understanding of significant aspects, processes, objectives, and operation.
  • To ensure the scope, processes, locations, and statutory and regulatory requirements if any…
  • Required resources for stage 2 audit.

Observations Closure

Upon conducting the verification audit the auditor raises points of observation that need to be closed. The observation closure prepares the organization towards an effective Stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 Audit

The auditors evaluate the conformity of the Management system that is being audited against the applicable standard.

It may involve auditing

  • To evaluate the implementation against all requirements of the standard and its effectiveness.
  • To evaluate the performance monitoring, measuring, reporting, and reviewing against key performance objectives and targets and respond to your client’s policies.
  • To check the operational control of the client’s processes;
  • Ensure internal auditing and management review are effectively performed.
  • links between the normative requirements, policy, performance objectives, and targets
  • Applicable legal requirements, responsibilities, competence of personnel, operations, procedures


  • To evaluate the changes in scope, processes, locations, and statutory and regulatory requirements, documentation and implementation against all standards, its effectiveness, and its improvements
  • And additionally, the requirements stated in stage2.


  • To review your organizations' documentation, evaluate your sites and specific conditions.
  • Your overall understanding of significant aspects, processes, objectives and operation.
  • And additionally, their requirements stated in stage2

Multi-Site Organization

Certification of an organization is categorized as multi-sited when an organization carries out a similar activity under the same management system. Under such cases, our certification body performs audits on all the sites within the three-year certification cycle. The location to be audited will be determined based on a random sampling procedure.

Non-Conformance And Closure

A finding found is declared as a non-conformity after evaluating it against the applicable Standard or internal procedure or the Statutory and Regulatory applicable to the product/service rendered. The non-conformity given is further classified to Major / Minor according to the impact caused to the organization. Any Major non-conformity is given a time period of 60 days and minor nonconformity a time period of 90 days.

Issuance Of Certificate

After the evaluation of closure evidences, the Certification Body releases the certificate if the evidences are accepted by the technical committee, and grant the certificate to the organization