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    GMP Training in Philippines

    What is GMP?

    GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices which are the protocol that pharmaceutical companies follow to ensure their products are safe and fit for human use. Pharmaceuticals can only be marketed in a given country after a government-approved agency has certified them as GMP compliant. GMP certification is a requirement of federal registration, meaning without it no drug can be legally manufactured, sold, distributed, or imported.

    What is GMP Training ?

    GMP Training is your first step toward starting a new career in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are subject to inspections by the governing authorities at any time. The purpose of these inspections is to validate that their facilities and processes are compliant with GMP requirements. Inspections are also used to certify newly established facilities. Just like the pharmaceutical companies, facilities must be allowed to operate only after receiving approval.

    Why is GMP Training So Essential?

    GMP training ensures your facility can pass inspections at any time and that you are able to manage all legal requirements for producing high-quality products safely. The GMP certificate you will receive upon completion of our course is acknowledged worldwide.

    IAS provides comprehensive GMP training that ensures you are compliant with good manufacturing practices. Our training is held only by the most skilled instructors who work in pharmaceutical development throughout their careers.

    Our vast knowledge of the subject matter may be the best part of all, but our courses are also affordable and can be completed within 3 months or less! If you are looking to get into the pharmaceutical industry, GMP certification is for you.

    What Will I Learn at GMP Training?

    GMP training will teach you about quality assurance and quality control, legal requirements in your country of choice, project management within the pharmaceutical sector, risk management, maintaining records and documentation throughout product development and so much more.

    Upon completion of this GMP Training course trainees will:

    • To be able to comprehend the fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicinal Products for Human Use, as well as current legal rules and standards.
    • have the confidence to outline the main GMP requirements related to premises, storage facilities and personnel.
    • Learn about the GMP quality system and quality control, as well as critical actions to take when dealing with complaints and recalls, by reading this book.

    Who Can Benefit from GMP Training?

    GMP training is available to anyone who is passionate about the pharmaceutical industry. From those looking for a career change to current employees who want to broaden their knowledge regarding pharmaceutical development – we have something for everyone! In fact, anyone with an interest in starting a career within the pharmaceutical sector should enroll in our course.

    GMP Training by IAS

    IAS offers the best GMP training in Philippines! Our courses are affordable, taught only by certified instructors, and can be completed within 3 months or less! GMP certification is the first step toward starting a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Enroll today!

    GMP certification ensures your facility will pass inspections at any time and that you are able to manage legal requirements for producing high-quality products safely. The certificate you receive upon completion of our course is acknowledged worldwide.

    How to take up GMP Training?

    We also provide flexible schedules for those who want to take the course at their own pace, as well as discounts for early enrollment and for enrolling in multiple courses.

    Information you'll need to complete this course:

    None! All participants receive access to the eLearning portal and all other study materials when they register to take a course with us.

    Duration of the GMP Course: 3 months or less, depending on how fast you would like to complete your training.

    Contact us @ +6531591803 for GMP Traning in Philippines or visit our website GMP Training for more information on how to enroll in a course.