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ISO Certification Process

The ISO certification process of any certification body generally complies with the requirement of ISO 17021-1.

ISO 17021 certification is a management standard to certify the competence of any organization. It needs to be certified as per the ISO 17021-1:2015 by an independent third party or audit body. The aim of the ISO certification process is to make sure that the company has developed an adequate quality system, its employees are well equipped with knowledge and skill to utilize it in a proper way, and the quality management system is implemented in the organization to maintain its requirements.

ISO Certification of any company or organization ensures that it complies with ISO guidelines. It has many benefits including increase customer satisfaction, better overall performance, good corporate image, etc.

A third-party auditor carries out an inspection for certification by following the requirements of ISO 17021-1:2015.

The general ISO Certification Process is as follows –

  • Preparation & issuance of application by the organization.
  • Obtain approval from senior management to become certified.
  • Define or have a plan for implementing the certification process in place, along with a risk assessment and implementation schedule.
  • Selection of a certification body to carry out the assessment process.
  • Submission of required documents & information by the organization to the third-party auditor.
  • Third-party auditor conducts pre-assessment visit, costing for compliance and schedule final audits.
  • On successful completion of all the requirements, the certification body issues certification to the organization.
  • Implementation, operation, and maintenance of the quality management system need proper documentation in accordance with ISO 17021-1:2015 at all times.
  • Regular surveillance visits by a third-party auditor are required for maintaining certification status.
  • Finally, re-certification at regular intervals is required to maintain ISO 17021 certification.
ISO Certification process is implemented the above procedures by the certification body through following these 3 stages –
  • Pre Audit Stage.
  • Post-audit Stage.
  • Surveillance (Follow Up) Stage.

Implementation of ISO Certification ensures that the organization has met all the requirements in terms of documentation, implementation, and overall management of the Quality Management System.

After successfully completing all the ISO certification processes, organizations must maintain all the requirements as per ISO 17021-1:2015 throughout their lifetime to ensure they meet customers’ expectations and requirements.

For any company or organization, ISO Certification is an important management system that ensures that it complies with international standards. It has many benefits including increase customer satisfaction, better overall performance, good corporate image, etc.

Is Online Audit part of ISO Certification process:

According to the recent IAF standards, the internet method is acceptable, implying that the client will communicate with IAS CB remotely and provide all required information by mail. The audit is planned by IAS and is carried out using video conferencing software. All of the prerequisites for conducting an online audit have been implemented by IAS.

More info:

To know more specific information about the IAS’s ISO Certification process click here. You can also check the FAQ section for more clarity about the ISO Certification process. If you are looking to achieve certification for your company contact us @ +6531591803