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About ISO Training in Sri Lanka

Today's changing world poses a difficult challenge for organizations of all types in every sector. As a consequence, providing ISO training to meet future demands and expectations is critical to reaching company goals. ISO training is important to ensure that your business operations and quality management system are compliant with the latest ISO standards. By undergoing ISO training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the standard and how to implement them within your organization. This will help you to achieve compliance and maintain a high level of quality in your products and services.

Types of ISO Training Provided by IAS

In Sri Lanka, ISO training is provided at several levels and stages. IAS is able to support any type of ISO training since it has vast expertise in the field of ISO.

  • ISO Lead Auditor Training

The ISO auditor training is an optional ISO course for professionals or individuals who have the necessary qualifications to become Lead Auditor certified. The ISO Lead Auditor Training curriculum teaches students how to conduct First Party (Internal) Audits, Second Party (Supplier) Audits, and Third Party (External) Audits in accordance with the international standards

  • ISO Internal Auditor Training

Internal audit training programs may help your staff provide greater customer service while also ensuring that your quality system is properly implemented. Internal auditors might be able to assist organizations in coming up with preventative measures and putting corrective/preventive actions in place to improve their quality management system. Internal audits are frequently carried out by office staff who are well-trained and qualified. This ISO auditor training gives students with the knowledge and abilities they need to do effective internal audits.

  • ISO Awareness Training

Employees who are in the early phases of adopting a standard or new employees at an organization that uses the standard are given awareness training. If you want to learn about ISO's history and development, as well as its structure and governance, objectives, and how its activities affect us, foundation or awareness training is suggested.

ISO Training Course Delivery

  • Classroom/In-HouseISO Training

Students will be learning in a classroom setting, in this sort of ISO training. An experienced course director guides a group of students through a well-structured learning experience. The curriculum will include interactive lectures, hands-on activities, and real-world case studies. Organizations that wish to offer training from their own premises during pre-scheduled working hours may utilize the customized in-house ISO training package.

  • Virtual Classroom ISO Training

This form of ISO training may be done from the comfort of one's own home or at the workplace. Participants will have access to Zoom Meeting, which can help them join live video conference training sessions from practically anyplace on the globe. Students will interact with a qualified instructor over face-to-face interactive learning modules, online chat rooms, and screen-sharing availability.

  • Self-Learning ISO Training

ISO training in this manner may be beneficial to individuals who are busy and cannot attend the whole live session. Candidates will have access to an online self-study platform that includes all of the study materials they'll need. Candidates may complete ISO education at their own pace by completing a number of learning modules. Before taking an exam to acquire ISO certification, candidates will have online access to the course materials.

Why Choose IAS for ISO Auditor Training in Sri Lanka?

Integrated Assessment Services offers ISO auditor training courses for a number of international standards. We have skilled auditors from a variety of industries on staff, as well as real-time auditors who can help participants acquire the knowledge and skills, they need to finish audits. These ISO auditor training programs will teach you everything you need to know about putting together quality management in accordance with ISO standards.

IAS's ISO auditor training focuses on delivering practical knowledge so that you may take advantage of the most up-to-date trends in industry standards in your professional career. Our ISO auditor training method uses a small class size to guarantee that each student passes their ISO audit certification objectives.

To learn more about our ISO training program, kindly contact IAS.