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What is ISO Lead Auditor Training?

An ISO Lead Auditor Training is a comprehensive training course that teaches participants how to become an ISO lead auditor and provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to do so. Individuals who have previously worked with ISO management systems and wish to improve their auditing abilities are encouraged to participate in this program.

Why ISO Lead Auditor Training in Sri Lanka?

An ISO Lead Auditor Training is necessary since ISO Lead Auditors have a crucial function in ensuring that ISO management systems are effective and compliant with international standards. They evaluate organizations' compliance with ISO standards through audits of their ISO management systems and make recommendations for improvement. Furthermore, as part of their role, ISO Lead Auditors provide assistance and guidance to businesses that wish to implement ISO standards.

Benefits of ISO Lead Auditor Training in Sri Lanka

ISO Lead Auditor Training in Sri Lanka offers many benefits, including:

  • This course focuses on teaching participants how to become lead auditors for ISO management systems.
  • Gives participants the abilities and information they need to thoroughly audit ISO management systems.
  • Assist businesses in making sure that their ISO management systems are in accordance with ISO requirements.
  • Provides assistance and advice to firms that are in the process of putting in place ISO management systems.
  • Obtain a globally renowned ISO lead auditor certification.

ISO Lead Auditor Training in Sri Lanka – IAS

EAS is a sister organization of IAS, which is well-known for delivering quality ISO lead auditor training in Sri Lanka for various ISO standards. The ISO lead auditor courses are very engaging and informative, and they're designed to meet the most recent ISO auditing requirements. During the training program, participants learn how to execute audits properly, evaluate evidence, and report on the results of various ISO management systems.

The ISO lead auditor training in Sri Lanka is offered for the following ISO standards:

Training Modes of ISO Lead Auditor Training in Sri Lanka

The ISO Lead auditor training course provided by IAS is a 5-day (40 Hours) course and offers both continuous and weekend-based courses.

  • Classroom: This form of education is meant to teach people in a classroom setting. During this sort of training, our expert lead auditors will be leading sessions.
  • In-house: IAS also provides In-house courses for all schemes specific to any organization provided the number of participants is more than 5. In this case, the company employees will only be taking part, and the course training schedule may be adjusted to match the office hours, as per the convenience of the organization.
  • Virtual Online: In this mode, the ISO Lead Auditor Training courses are delivered entirely online for 5 days (40 hours). The candidate will study the course using Zoom meetings, and our expert auditors will provide lively lectures to assist students in preparing for the end-of-day exam.

About IAS

IAS is accredited by UQAS and is an internationally recognized ISO certification body that highly specializes in providing quality ISO services to its clients. We have over 15 years of experience in issuing ISO services and are the most preferred ISO lead auditor training provider in Sri Lanka. We offer our students the most effective training and coaching, ensuring that they get the greatest learning experience.

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