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About ISO Certification

ISO Certification in Sri lanka

Sri Lanka is in the process of implementing ISO management systems in order to improve the country’s business environment and international competitiveness. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a network of national standards institutes from around the world, working together to develop and promote voluntary international standards.

An ISO management system is a systematic approach to identifying and implementing practical means to achieve customer satisfaction. It consists of a combination of documented policies, processes, procedures, and practices that are monitored by an independent third party.

ISO Certification

On what Basis ISO Certification is issued?

ISO certification is based on the principle of conformity assessment, which means that a product, process, or service meets the requirements of a standard. The requirements of a standard may be technical, environmental, or safety-related.

ISO certification is not an award; it is a declaration by an organization that its products and services meet the requirements of an established standard.

Who can Issue Certification?

ISO standards are developed by technical committees composed of representatives from all over the world. Once a standard has been published, it is up to national standards institutes (NSI) to adopt it as a national standard or not. If adopted, it becomes an enforceable document in that country. Typical examples are the development of safety standards, which are taken on by government bodies.

The ISO certification process can be applied to any organization in Sri Lanka, irrespective of its size or business sector. The only conditions are that it must be established under law and have a commitment to quality. If an organization is not yet registered with the IAS, it is also a good idea to have the certification done at an early stage so that their quality system can be implemented and maintained even before registration.

What are the Benefits of ISO Certification?

ISO standards provide a set of tools for organizations in Sri Lanka to develop internationally competitive products and services, meet customer expectations, comply with local and international standards, and reduce waste.

As a means of helping organizations fulfill their customers’ requirements, ISO standards help both large and small companies improve their management systems, resulting in significant benefits such as:

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced product or service failure.
  • Enhanced staff motivation and involvement.
  • Better use of resources.
  • Improved processes.
  • Better communication within the organization.
  • Greater ability to deal with change successfully.

Some of the schemes we provide ISO certification includes the following.


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