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What is ISO 22301 Certification?

ISO 22301 is an internationally recognized standard that specifies the requirements for a business continuity management system (BCMS) to protect against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptions. Such disruptions could include power outages, IT system failures, natural disasters, or pandemics. ISO 22301 certification is a validation for organizations, that they have a BCMS implemented in their workplace.

ISO 22301 Certification

Why Get ISO 22301 Certification in Sri Lanka?

ISO 22301 certification is important for any business that wants to ensure its continuity in the event of a disaster. It provides a framework for businesses to plan, implement, and maintain an effective continuity management system. This certification can help businesses reduce the risks associated with disruptions and ensure their ability to quickly recover from them. In addition, ISO 22301 certification can help businesses improve their overall preparedness and response to disruptions.

Benefits of Getting ISO 22301 Certified in Sri Lanka

There are many benefits of ISO 22301 certification, including:

  • Helps you to identify and assess risks to your business continuity
  • Helps you develop and implement robust continuity plans
  • Shows your customers and stakeholders that you are committed to safeguarding their interests
  • Helps you to improve your resilience to disruptions
  • Improves your ability to respond quickly and effectively to any disruptions that may occur.

Which Organizations Can Apply?

ISO 22301 certification is appropriate for any organization that wants to protect its business continuity in the event of a disruption. This includes organizations in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

How to Get ISO 22301 Certified in Sri Lanka?

The certification process has 2 auditing stages, which include:

  • Stage 1 Audit (Preliminary audit) – The first step in an ISO 22301 Certification audit is to ensure that a company is prepared for Stage 2 (a Certification audit). It begins with a thorough knowledge of the firm's policies, procedures, objectives, and risks. On-site auditing is used to determine if the management system has met the requirements of the standard by examining paperwork and conducting interviews with staff.
  • Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit) – At the conclusion of the ISO 22301 certification process, an organization's entire management system is examined and audited to ensure that it meets the ISO 22301 standard. The time it takes a business to complete stage 2 auditing is influenced by factors such as size, the number of facilities it has, and what activities it performs. After passing both audit phases and resolving any non-conformities, the ISO 22301 certification body will issue an ISO 22301 certificate.

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