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What is ISO 20000 Certification?

ISO 20000 is an international standard for IT service management. It provides guidance and tools for organizations to plan, implement, manage, and improve their IT service management capability. ISO 20000 certification verifies that an organization has implemented ISO 20000 processes and procedures for IT service management and to achieve this, an organization must demonstrate its ability to provide consistently reliable and quality IT services.

ISO 20000 Certification

Why Get ISO 20000 Certification in Sri Lanka?

Organizations having ISO 20000 certification in Sri Lanka can improve their IT service management capability and demonstrate their commitment to providing quality IT services. Also, it can provide a competitive advantage for organizations when bidding for new business and can also be used as a marketing tool to promote an organization's IT service management capability to potential customers, partners, and suppliers.

How Can ISO 20000 Certificate in Sri Lanka Benefit Businesses?

ISO 20000 certificate can benefit businesses in many ways. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Assist businesses in enhancing their IT service management capability.
  • Helps businesses show their dedication to providing high-quality IT services
  • When competing for new business, having a strong reputation can provide a competitive advantage.
  • It may also be used as a marketing tool to promote an organization's IT service management capability to potential clients, partners, and suppliers.

Which Organizations Should Apply?

ISO 20000 certification is suitable for any type of organization that provides IT services, including:

  • Managed service providers
  • Cloud service providers
  • IT service providers
  • Internal IT departments

How to Get ISO 20000 Certified in Sri Lanka?

The certification process has 2 auditing stages, which include:

  • Stage 1 Audit (Preliminary audit) – The first step in an ISO 20000 Certification audit is to verify that an organization is ready for Stage 2 (a Certification audit). It starts with a thorough understanding of the company's policies, procedures, goals, and risks. On-site auditing is used to see whether the management system has met the criteria of the standard by looking at documents and conducting interviews with employees.
  • Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit) – At the conclusion of the ISO 20000 certification procedure, an organization's entire management system is assessed and audited to confirm that it meets the ISO 20000 standard. The time it takes a firm to complete stage 2 auditing is determined by its size, the number of facilities it has, and what activities it performs. If all necessary requirements are met during both audit phases, and any non-conformities have been resolved, the ISO 20000 certification body will issue an ISO 20000 certificate.

Get ISO 20000 Certified in Sri Lanka Through IAS

If you are a business in Sri Lanka wanting to obtain ISO 20000 certification, the IAS Certification Body can assist. We have over 15 years of experience assisting companies in obtaining ISO certification and can give you all of the assistance you require to succeed. For our valued clients around the world, we provide a variety of management system certifications as well product certifications.

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