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What is Certification?

Certification refers to the conformance or compliance to a certain characteristics of an object, person or an organization. This certification is often provided by some kind of external review, assessment or audit.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of formally obtaining the credibility from an authorized body to provide the Certificates.

What does ISO refers to?

ISO – International Organization for Standardization. ISO is an international standard setting body which composed of representatives from different national standards Organization.


Where can I buy ISO standards?

It is available in, or you can get your Standard copy from Certification Body by proper mode of application.

What is the process of ISO Certification?

The process of ISO certification starts from application/Contract Signing with a Certification body prior to the submission of application the organization should prepare the documents, Records and conduct internal audit within the organization, Once the application is filled with all the requirement stated IAS will conduct Stage 1 and Stage 2 audits as per the audit procedure, If NC are raised during the course of audit all the identified NC’s need to be effectively closed. Once the NC are closed with the corrective actions IAS technical committee will review and grant the certificate


What does the year indicate in each standard?

The year in each ISO standard represents the calendar year that ISO standard got revised and launched.
E.g.. ISO 45001:2018. The year 2018 represents the revised version was launched

How do I know what is the latest standard available?

You can periodically browse our website to get regular updates on the latest version of the standards. Each ISO standards may get upgrade to the new version in a minimum of 7 years from the previous version.

What is Annex SL?

Annex SL is a new management system format that provides the High Level Structure to ISO Management system and helps in implementing multiple standards within one Organization easier. All standards are provided with common titles (i.e, 10 clauses)


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