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ISO 22000 Certification Meaning

ISO 22000 certification is a food safety management system certification. It is an international standard that ensures companies produce safe food products. A company can achieve ISO 22000 certification by implementing a food safety management system that meets the requirements of the standard. Achieving ISO 22000 certification demonstrates to customers and stakeholders that a company takes food safety seriously and is committed to producing safe food products.

ISO 22000 certification

Why Get ISO 22000 Certification in Bangladesh?

ISO 22000 certification in Bangladesh can be extremely important for businesses, especially when it comes to the food industry. By having this certification, businesses can show that they are adhering to the highest safety and quality standards in the industry. This can be extremely beneficial for companies looking to expand their operations into new markets, as it can help convince potential customers that they are trustworthy and reliable. Additionally, It can also help businesses save money by reducing the amount of product recalls and waste.

ISO 22000 Certification Benefits

  • It assures customers of your products’ safety.
  • It also assures them that you have a system in place to ensure the safety of your product throughout the supply chain.
  • Certification proves that you adhere to internationally recognized quality standards
  • It helps you build a globally respected brand
  • Certification can help you win new business and increase market share
  • It demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement
  • Certification is a mark of quality and reliability that customers can trust.

Which Organizations Can Apply?

Any company that produces, sells or distributes food products can apply for ISO 22000 certification. This includes companies in the food manufacturing, processing, packaging, and catering industries. The standard is also applicable to organizations that provide support services to the food industry, such as transportation and logistics companies.

ISO 22000 Certification Cost in Bangladesh

ISO 22000 certification cost can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of your organization and the level of certification you are seeking. Certification can be an important investment for your organization, and it is important to ensure that you select the right provider. IAS has a long history of providing cost-effective ISO 22000 certification in Bangladesh when compared to other ISO certification bodies, and we are committed to providing exceptional value to our clients.

ISO 22000 Certification Process in Bangladesh Through IAS

The ISO 22000 certification process has 2 auditing stages, which include:

1] Stage 1 Audit (Preliminary audit) – This initial review determines whether an organization is ready to move on to the Certification Audit in Stage 2. The preliminary audit covers the management system, policies, and procedures as well as supporting documentation. It also includes an evaluation of the organization’s ability to meet the requirements of ISO 22000 by examining documents and interviewing employees.

2] Stage 2 Audit (Certification Audit) – At the conclusion of the ISO 22000 certification procedure, an organization’s entire management system is examined and audited to guarantee that it meets the ISO 22000 criteria. The length of time it takes a firm to go through stage 2 of the ISO 22000 audit is determined by its size as well as the number of sites it has.

Following the successful completion of these two audit phases, an ISO 22000 certificate will be provided. 

Once you successfully achieve ISO 22000 certification, you can check the status of your certificate by visiting our ISO 22000 certification search Page!

Obtain ISO 22000 Certification in Bangladesh Through IAS

If your company is looking to obtain ISO 22000 certification in Bangladesh, IAS can help. We have a team of expert auditors who are qualified to assess your organization against the internationally recognized ISO 22000 standard. We are committed to providing exceptional value and service to our clients, and we would be happy to help you get started on the certification process.

Contact IAS today to learn more about ISO 22000 certification and ISO 22000 certification Audit Procedure or visit our ISO 22000 certification frequently asked questions page!

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